Stop Capturing Whales

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                    “Help Free Tilly”


If you have ever been to Florida before you should probably know about Sea World.Now, I like Sea World but they are capturing and killing orca and killer whales just to entertain us! My research showed me whales are almost extinct due to this issue.This is a MAJOR problem especially for whales.I strongly suggest Sea  World STOPS capturing whales.This problem could be solved by fining whale catchers a large amount of money.


Tilikum an orca whale currently at Sea World should be set free. He has been at Sea World ever since they had opened. At four years of age Tilikum was 11ft. & 11in..This is a very small space for him. He is also very irritated and is biting, drowning and killing his trainors. Can you imagine living in a pool for your whole life?


These whales also need to feel their natural habitat , out in the ocean.A whale living in a pool all their life is like a human living their whole life in a phone booth!!These whales can’t even mate with the whales they want to.This is extremely harmful because the whale might not like this other whale and they can end up killing each other.They just force two whales in a small container until they mate and have babies for the trainers to train.They can't even live a normal whale life like other whales who are enjoying themselves.


And honestly I absolutely hate it when a lot of fisherman capture and kill whales.They are constant groups of men coming into Washington a stampede of elephants who can't get a hold of themselves.Because of this whales are dying , taken to entertain us or people are getting kicked out of Washington D.C..Please show your support and help free Tilly!!


How would you like it if you were one of those whales being tortured?Or if you were one of Tillys' trainers?And worst of all, how do you think it made the baby whales feel when they were separated from their mothers & stay up all night trying to reach their families from separation anxiety?  So please help me free these poor creatures from their cages by signing my petition.Do you think this is fair to them?


Information from: Black Fish Documentary

    Found On Netflix

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