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Update: Tilikum has died. May he swim free, and rest in peace. He will forever stay in our hearts. 

At least 163 orcas have died in captivity, not including 30 miscarried or still-born calves. SeaWorld holds 23 orcas in its three parks in the United States.

SeaWorld claim to love their whales, and they say they know what their doing. But do they?

Heres some facts from SeaWorld Orlando them selves:

-"Orcas only live to 35 years old in the wild"

Not true. They live to nearly 100 years old! Not even close SeaWorld!

-"5-10% of males in the wild have collapsed dorsal fins"

Not true. Less then 1% do.

-"They do the performances not because they have to, but because they want to"

Really? They starve the whales so they do the tricks for show.

And did you know, their whales get so sunburnt, that they cover it up with black zinc? how painful must that be!

They say their going to stop shows, and release the whales into a massive ocean pen. But from what I see, their pretty happy with their money income, so why stop it?

And, the people who care for and train the whales, aren't even marine biologists! Their performers! 

So, these poor whales, are being "cared" for by people who don't even know how to care for them correctly? 


Tilikum, the biggest captive orca, weighing 12,500 pounds and measuring over 22 feet in length, has been in captivity for 43 years. That is so unfair on him. Imagine the amount of calves he could have produced in the wild. But no. Sea world just had to go bigger and better.  He was captured at the age of only 2. And that makes him 45 years old.

So many Trainers have been attacked, lunged at, pulled, pushed, chased in the pool, and many more. When will SeaWorld learn? Maybe after another death? There has already been a few deaths at SeaWorld. And SeaWorld just said "It was the trainers fault"

NO!!!! It was because the whales are frustrated. And enough was enough.

This will keep happening, until they blame the whale, and kill it.

Doing my research, I have come across some awful news.

SeaWorld warned that "Tilikum is dying. His health is deteriorating due to a drug-resistant bacterial lung infection".

Yeah. And dying in a small tank of depression!

Reading this broke my heart.

If you don't know Tilikum's story, looked it up on Google. You will be disgusted on how he is being treated.

Please sign this petition, to show your support, do it for poor Tilikum. Before its to late.

UPDATE: SeaWorld is slowly going down! They are no longer breeding orcas! And, no more shows! This is fantastic news! But... What about the Orcas still in SeaWorld? What will happen to them? Will they just live out their lives in the tanks? I don't think that is fair at all. They need to go into a ocean pen at least! Let's make this happen!