Save The Parker House Upstairs

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The rumors we have all been dreading are true. The borough of Sea Girt has been putting pressure on the Parker House due to complaints from residents and the Parker House is being forced to close the upstairs area every Friday, Saturday and holiday Sunday this summer. This will cause their capacity to be reduced by 350 people. Not only does this hurt the patrons who have enjoyed the Parker House for generations but it will cause more problems for the residents who live nearby the Parker House and will hurt the Parker House and it's employees that rely on tips financially.

With the upstairs closed the line outside will increase drastically causing more problems for the residents who live around the Parker House. With more frustrated patrons stuck in line it will add more noise and alcohol-induced issues to the surrounding neighbors.

The Sea Girt Borough Council meets every other Wednesday at 7pm and we will be attending to respectfully voice our concerns about this issue. We believe that there are better solutions then reducing the overall capacity of the Parker House causing the line outside to be even longer and adding to the problem. We promise to work with the Parker House management and the Sea Girt Borough Council to find a solution that benefits both the residents of the community and the people who want to responsibly enjoy the Parker House for years to come.

Some of our proposed solutions include adding port o potties to the line outside for people waiting in line and leaving to use the bathroom. Also cutting off the line outside at a certain point to prevent it from stretching down the street and causing noise and other issues for nearby residents. Another would be to move last call a hour earlier from 11:30pm to 10:30pm.

So please, if you have enjoyed the Parker House in the past and still cherish the great memories you made there or if you and your friends still call the Parker House home during the months between May and September, sign and share this petition to send a message to the Sea Girt Borough Council that there are better solutions then closing down the upstairs area and help save the Parker House.


If you are a Sea Girt resident or know Sea Girt residents who would like to help please contact or @savetheparkerhouse on instagram

Look for updates on the @savetheparkerhouse Instagram account as well


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