Scrap "card only" policy at Nottingham City Council heritage sites

Scrap "card only" policy at Nottingham City Council heritage sites

12 May 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Julie Russell

Nottingham City Council stopped taking cash at venues such as Wollaton Hall and Newstead Abbey during covid apparently to "protect their staff" because cash handling was not meant to be hygienic

Now restrictions are over they are still insisting on card payments both in the car park (or an app - not everyone has a smartphone!!) and in the shops/cafes.

We should keep cash because not doing so-

*alienates the elderly 

* discriminates against people without bank accounts 

* discriminates against people without mobile phones

* prevents children from spending pocket/birthday money

* removes choice


Are we on the way to a cashless society?  It seems many councils are pushing for this.  But more importantly....

This discriminates against those who may have very little money and cannot use a card to pay.  

I started this petition following a bad customer service experience at Wollaton Hall when I visited there with my baby earlier this month.   I was treated like dirt for wanting to pay by cash. 

It reminded me of the days, quite a few years ago now, when I was a very skint single mum of 3 often down to my last few pounds and my bank card wouldn't even work.  I am not in that position now and could have paid by card (having said that, I often forget my pin number!) but I wanted to use the cash that was in my purse. And why not?

(Strangely enough they will accept cash donations and the ice cream van takes cash - so really this petty rule is used when it suits them)  I  was quite upset at the time but fortunately seeing this beautiful Oak tree saved the day!!

When you have little money and are trying to budget, paying by card all the time is often not a good idea.  The City Council need to change their "card only" policy

PS I was informed by one of the managers they no longer have the infrastructure to handle cash..... (sounds like a poor excuse to me).  So it isn't even about covid anymore

If we let such things happen - where does it end?  The poorest in society will be left out if we move towards a cashless society (I could also tell you the story of the time when I met a homeless friend at a harp concert in the hall grounds.  I am sure he had no card  either)

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Signatures: 219Next Goal: 500
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