Scottsdale Residential Diesel Repair and Salvage Business


Scottsdale Residential Diesel Repair and Salvage Business

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Started by David Abranovic

Petition To The City Of Scottsdale

Subject Matter:            Commercial Activities at 

Activities at the above-mentioned property consist of commercial-scale wrecking, disassembly, repair, storage, and accumulation of parts and equipment that are not appropriate for a residential neighborhood. Property is consistently used for a commercial business (Standard Steel and Diesel) including the storage and use of large boom trucks, semi-tractor trailers and the fabrication/welding of commercial equipment and the miscellaneous repair of diesel engines, earth moving, and other industrial equipment.

Actions Requested:     The following petitioners ask City of Scottsdale Code Enforcement to bring the above referenced property into compliance with the following Scottsdale zoning ordinances:

Section 18.5 - Public Nuisance Ordinance (3) A dumping ground

(3) A dumping ground or other land or building for depositing litter or debris, or wrecking, disassembling, · rebuilding, repair, storage or accumulation of three (3) or more vehicles, or of machinery, or parts of vehicles-or machinery.

Article 3 Section 3.100 - Home Occupation. 

There shall be no use of material or mechanical equipment not recognized as being part of normal household or hobby use. And the home occupation shall not generate any inordinate pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Section 18-9 (a)(1). - Exterior Storage or Placement of Equipment

requires land to be kept free from the placement, deposit or maintaining of certain items (in use or not in use) outside an enclosed area when items are not commonly associated with the permitted use or, if when placed outside, said items are considered unsightly.

Sec. 7.200. Subsection I. - Designated parking in front yards

The total aggregate parking and/or driveway area shall be the lesser of thirty-five (35) percent of the front yard area or thirty (30) linear feet of the lot frontage.

Sec. 18-7. (a) - Vehicles and watercraft

An owner and/or occupant of land where an abandoned or junked vehicle, or a vehicle or watercraft being restored or undergoing major repair, is located, shall store the vehicle and watercraft in an enclosed area so that the vehicle and watercraft are not visible from any point outside the land. A vehicle or watercraft cover is not an enclosed area. 
Person Lodging Petition:        David Abranovic




This petition made change with 708 supporters!

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