Make Scotland a cycle-friendly nation

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Make Scotland a cycle-friendly nation

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Started by Sally Hinchcliffe

Cycling should be the obvious solution to many of Scotland’s ills. It is cheap, healthy, democratic and convivial, benefits local economies and makes the streets a safer place for all. And yet bikes barely seem to be taken seriously as a mode of transport while the majority of Scots don’t cycle, simply because they feel it is too risky. Making Scotland safe for cycling and walking, and – more importantly – making it feel safe, could transform our cities and villages and the lives of the people who live in them.

On 28th April, 2012 we're calling on everyone: whether they cycle now, or would like to but just don't because of the conditions on the roads to join us in Edinburgh to Pedal on Parliament in support of our 8-point manifesto:


1. Proper funding for cycling.

2. Design cycling into Scotland’s roads.

3. Slower speeds where people live, work and play

4. Integrate cycling into local transport strategies

5. Improved road traffic law and enforcement

6. Reduce the risk of HGVs to cyclists and pedestrians

7. A strategic and joined-up programme of road user training

8. Improved statistics supporting decision-making and policy


Petition Closed

This petition had 3,620 supporters

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