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Scottish Government: To drop all proposals to licence airguns in Scotland

This is yet another attack on law abiding shooters who have no desire to break the law or commit crimes in an attempt to be seen to be doing something about crime rather than tackling the root causes or correctly punishing wrong doers. It will only lead to people giving up their sports and hobbies due to increased expense and red tape. Shooting has come under constant attack in the past 30 years while there is absolutely no evidence to support that a licence and other more draconian restrictions will lower gun crime or violent crime however there is evidence to show a trend that increased firearm legislation coincides with increased gun crime and increased violent crime.

In summary the effect will either be negligible or lead to an increase in violent crime whilst penalising law abiding citizens and sports people.

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Cabinet Secretary for Justice Kenny MacAskill
To drop all proposals to licence air weapons in Scotland as it will have more effect on law abiding citizens than any criminals in society. It will also be a huge burden on police resources as well as the taxpayer.

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