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STOP cutting the 50% of funding to rape and abuse charities!

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Scottish Government is cutting 50% of the funding to the charities that support abuse and raped women all over Scotland.

These charities are the only available services in many areas and they provide a vital and important service to victims of abuse, rape and sexual violence, whether they're children or adults. 

Many of them are now facing closure after losing 50% of its funding.

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Many abused and raped women, me included, benefited of the huge and incredible support and work done by these charities to help us out.

NHS doesn't provide any free counselling services directly aimed to rape victims in many areas, especially from Inverness up north, and everything is left in the hands of volunteers.

Now the Scottish Government wants to close down many of these charities cutting their funding, this implying they're not of any use to anyone.

Maybe the Scottish Government should notice that the number of rape and abuse reports is rising every year, this despite women receive not enough support due to lack of services. We suffer prejudice, slander, sometimes we've to leave our houses and jobs. We're let down by everybody.

Only FEW raped women are able to come forward because they know they'll be IGNORED and NOT BELIEVED from the start. If accidentally we decide to report what happened to the police, we face another ordeal that becomes a nightmare added to what we already suffered. The only help and support we receive is from the charities Scottish Government is so eager to close down.

Please help Scottish Women to save these charities signing the petition.

Thanks a million xx

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