Laws for paws, UK Cats law

Laws for paws, UK Cats law

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Started by Jillian Brown

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When I was a little girl I was witness to our family cat being run over by a car outside our house and the driver never stopped. My mum went out and picked her up off the road. I even got bullied at school as a result of seeing such a horrible thing happening, it haunts me to this day. It was such a painful memory I tried to bury it deep but it continues to surface.
I have stopped on numerous occasions over the years to pick a deceased cat of the road and take to the vet to be scanned for a microchip and hopefully returned to its owner so they have the closure of knowing. 

Every day in Scotland alone there are so many cats that are much loved family pets that are sadly hit by vehicles on our roads many of them are just left dead or dying a horrible painful death. However sometimes all it takes is someone to care and the cat can be saved. These a domesticated companion animals. 

These are companion animals that are somebody’s much loved family pet and the family are looking for their pet. 
It is law to stop and report  hitting other animals such as dogs, sheep, horses, mules  but not felines. Cats don’t enjoy the same laws as other animals.

It is now required cat owners microchip their cats or face a fine. It’s about time the law is changed so drivers have to report if they hit a cat on the road. The road traffic act needed to be amended to take into account our cats.

Even if someone doesn’t like a cat please think it’s a good chance it’s someone’s loved family pet and they are looking for that pet.  It doesn’t cost any money if you take the cat to a local vet they will happily accept it & see if it is microchipped. They will try to find the owner. These little souls deserve better than to be treated like garbage they are living breathing creatures. It’s basic human decency.

There are now also reports coming out how valuable cats were during the wars & on ships by protecting the crews valued food supply and raising morale among troops & sailors.

1,619 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!