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Paul Gascoigne has been denied entry into the Scottish Football Hall of Fame.

This HOF was solely created to honour the greatest players that have played in Scotland. John Greig……Billy McNeill………Jim Baxter……Jimmy Johnstone……Sir Alex Ferguson……Dennis Law……Dave MacKay……Billy Bremner ……etc…The list goes on and on and without a shadow of a doubt Paul Gascoigne fully deserves to be included along with all these luminaries.

This HOF is NOT about ‘Greatest Citizen’ it is about playing the beautiful game …and Gascoigne in the short time he was playing in Scotland absolutely ‘lit up’ up game sometimes singles handely and displayed skills that only he could do and the rest could only admire!

Since he retired from the ‘game’ he has fallen on harder times and suffered but this should NOT detract from what he achieved when he was playing for Rangers and winning honours in Scotland.

Two of his ex team mates have spoken out after his nomination being so wrongly with drawn and are absolutely disgusted with this retraction.

Firstly Ally McCoist a good friend and Rangers teammate…and secondly Vinnie Jones and good friend and a player who had ‘close relations’ when playing opposite each other in Gascoigne’s first spell in England.

For those people that have other motives behind this detraction of his nomination and are thinking about starting a petition against this motion that actually says more about you than him.

The Scottish Football Hall of Fame dinner will be on October 21 so there is little time to reverse this decision but in this short space of time we can show support to the man himself who in Jones believes would be devastated with this decision.

The reason given by the SFA for Gascoigne’s nomination being with drawn is even more embarassing and this alone needs to be addressed by those organizations  that do amazing work to support all those that suffer from mental health issues.

An issue that the SFA claim publicly to fully support!

So …if this is not the issue for the withdrawal then it can only be for other more shall we say more ‘unscrupulous’ reasons… and if that is the case then again this should be highlighted only says more about those people and their real motives.

Please support this nomination in the name of the beautiful game and not for anything else and let Paul Gascoigne be deservedly inducted into this so called Scottish hallowed organization.