Put cakes back in the high school canteen meal deals.

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As of 21/08/2018 the Scottish borders council has removed from high school canteens cake items worth 60p, from their "Meal Deal" which costs £2.50 for pizza, a baguette or hot meal with a small water and now a fruit tub worth only 40p. 

The students now feel like they are being taken advantage of by the Council and the school canteen as they are now making an extra 20p every time the students buy a meal deal as the cost of the meal deal is still £2.50.

This also then forces students who want to buy a cake pay an extra 60p which may not seem much and we understand that this is just one of their attempts to reduce the overall amount of unhealthy eating in the Scottish borders but we feel like there could be less drastic things they could have done instead of just lining the inside of their pockets.

If you are a student or a previous student or even just a member of the public and you feel strongly about this, then please feel free to sign.