Protect the Open Space at Linglie Road

Protect the Open Space at Linglie Road

5 June 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Melanie Ehsan

Existing residents at Linglie Road, Cannon Street and Corbie Terrace are facing the loss of valuable open space essential to the character and amenity of the local area.

Land at Linglie Road, Selkirk, Scottish Borders is subject to a planning application for 30 dwellings, including an 8-unit apartment block, townhouses and semi-detached houses.

This land is currently open green space, full of plant life and a corridor for wildlife between the hills to the north and Ettrick Water. Existing properties currently enjoy the feeling of being rural, surrounded by countryside and peace. This is an area of flood risk, and despite the new flood protection scheme in Selkirk, it cannot be known what additional flood risk the new development would pose to existing properties. Open green areas are vital to reducing flood risk and it is irresponsible to build a large development on this site.

Other concerns with this proposed development include:

  • loss of privacy for existing residents (in particular 90 and 92 Linglie Road)
  • capacity at Philiphaugh Community School
  • capacity at Selkirk Medical Practice and dentists
  • additional traffic, road safety and parking along Cannon Street
  • noise
  • loss of biodiversity
  • loss of scenery and recreation space for walking dogs, etc.
  • positioning of buildings within the current proposals; e.g. the largest building on the site is to be sited on the corner closest to existing properties, making no considerations for existing residents
  • it would be better to use brownfield land at the Riverside for developments, rather than building on unspoiled open space

This proposed development does not add anything of value to the local area, but will cause existing residents to lose a valuable asset. If the plans are approved, residents will experience months of disruption and noise from construction work as well as facing ongoing issues as noted above.

To view the plans and submit your own comment, visit and search for 21/00745/PPP.

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Signatures: 76Next Goal: 100
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