Justice for Survivors of Sexual Violence in FJUHSD

Justice for Survivors of Sexual Violence in FJUHSD

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In June 2020, several current students and alumni from schools within the Fullerton Joint Union High School District, or FJUHSD, have come forward to share their personal experiences with sexual violence. These stories were posted on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, and have since then garnered significant media attention. In these recollections, survivors documented their pain, their adversities, and most persistently of all, the district’s negligence and apathy towards the plights and pleas of these survivors.

This petition DEMANDS for the following from FJUHSD and its schools (Buena Park High School, Fullerton Union High School, La Habra High School, La Vista/La Sierra High School, Sonora High School, Sunny Hills High School, and Troy High School):

  1. We demand that FJUHSD as a whole and each individual institution acknowledge the accusations made by students/alumni and release a public statement in response to them. Each statement shall be transparent and purposeful, and shall include written commitment to the following action items.
         a. Each survivor who has come forward shall receive justice for their instances. However,  justice comes in many forms — be considerate towards the requests from each survivor. For example, one person may want an apology from their perpetrator while another may want their perpetrator to receive disciplinary consequences. 
         b. Each statement shall include plans of action and set dates for these goals to be met.
  2. We demand that FJUHSD as a whole and each individual institution provide more effective support systems for survivors of sexual violence, through increased accessible counseling and response to such instances with diligence and empathy
         a. Indifference from school faculty towards the experiences of survivors shall be actively condemned by FJUHSD leadership. Some survivors decided against coming forward as they felt nothing beneficial would come from it and feared being revictimized. However, those who did seek help from administration experienced indifference from their respective school’s leadership. This passiveness is simply unacceptable and should not be tolerated or encouraged by any means.
         b. Students should be made aware of their available support systems. School websites currently do not list any sexual violence resources, which should be promptly published on each respective webpage.
         c. Currently, on-campus counseling options are not only scarce, but also unknown to the vast majority of students. Administrators have purposefully withheld information from the student body about these resources out of fear that they would be abused.
         d. On-campus counseling programs should be expanded. Presently, each school only has one (1) school psychologist per campus, resulting in academic guidance counselors and administrators bearing the brunt of mental health issues. 
         e. These counselors are overworked and overstressed, and hiring more professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to deal with student mental health issues will prove beneficial to not only the student body, but also the guidance counselors as well. This way, academic guidance counselors can focus on their main job, which is to help with enrollment and other academic concerns. 
  3. We demand that FJUHSD as a whole and each individual institution implements better sex education programs and active, preventative measures for sexual violence, including, but not limited to, consent workshops and sexual harassment/violence prevention programs. 
         a. FJUHSD schools should implement consent workshops and sexual violence prevention programs, modeled by already existing programs at higher-level institutions [example: Trojans Respect Consent at the University of Southern California.] Although these programs may not eliminate all instances of sexual violence, ultimately better education on consent will foster a healthier culture of safer sex. 
         b. Currently, there are no programs to educate students on safe and consensual sex, except for a brief section on contraceptives during the mandatory health class. This method is inadequate as it only focuses on the physical repercussions of premarital sex but does not address any emotional, mental, or interpersonal aspects of sex. Additionally, this health class is now taken online, which proves to be even more inadequate in educating the student body as students can simply skim the information, rather than process and register it. Both of these factors contribute to a poor understanding of sexual violence and of sex itself. 

These survivors should not go unnoticed and unheard by the educators who have sworn to protect them. Please sign and share this petition to help get justice for those who have been hurt and to create lasting change within our community.