Scott Run Commerce Center Warehouses Petition Letter

Scott Run Commerce Center Warehouses Petition Letter

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Started by Kevin Caneco

Scott Run Commerce Center Petition Letter

The residents of the Village of Bayberry North, neighboring subdivisions, and the MOT community have significant concerns surrounding the Scott Run commerce center as it is currently planned, consisting of a 1.8 million square foot logistics center. This is an inappropriate plan, which is based on an incorrect interpretation of county code. The land was originally intended as a Business Park, consisting of office space, restaurants, and a day care center. A warehouse, in a residential area, would strike a blow to consistency that the UDC, and the uniformity that smart zoning is supposed to protect. Many of these shared concerns also impact the poorly planned Logistics Park across Jamison Corner road.

We have outlined the concerns with the plan below, and ask that the developer, New Castle County, and all other parties involved in the planning process keep us informed of the plans as they develop. The decisions made in this plan will have long reaching effects in the quality of life for many residents and could set precedent for years to come. Let us be clear, current plans as proposed are in violation of county code. 

We ask the following to be considered which can be found below. 

Thank you.

The Residents of Bayberry North and the MOT community 


Size of the Warehouses - Code 40.26.260 states " The maximum size of an industrial building has been set at (450,000 sq ft) to prevent a building too large or a structure from altering the general character of the district." 

  • The current plan shows little to no mitigation efforts. An 800,000 sq ft warehouse in clear view of homes, parks and walking trails is violation of code. 

Major vs Minor Plan

A Major Plan change is triggered if it adds/alters buildings in the original plan and proposes change to the roadways. Regardless of keeping consistent gross footage, the Major plan review has been triggered. 

  • Due to the Major change review, it would be a good government process and consistent with the code to have a public hearing. 
  • Parking spaces are being altered triggering Major vs Minor.

Environmental Pollution 

  • Massive structures such as this have shown to have a negative effect on our children's health.
  • There has been no environmental study to show how the increase of 3,000 daily trucks would have on our air, water quality, and land in the region.

Noise Pollution

  • Tractor trailers will be loud as they drive through the area and extremely disruptive to the residents in the surrounding area. There are over 200 homes within 1,500 sq feet of the parking bays of the proposed warehouses who will be engaged in 24-7 operations. 
  • The construction of the warehouses is a big concern, with the current plan having zero mitigation methods. 
  • A requirement within the UDC 40.26.260 is that the character of the community not be altered. The current surrounding area in all directions is residential, quiet suburban developments. This plan is a radical departure from the character of the community. 
  • The original intent of the Business Park would of been limited to daytime hours and been consistent with Title 7 of Delaware Code which clearly state noise standards for the State. 


  • DelDot has initiated a Traffic Improvement District study which waives the need for a traffic study for the proposed plans. We ask for an immediate clarification on this.
  • The combined plans of the Logistics Center and the Scott run plans add a possible 7,600 thousand extra trips to the location. This well exceeds the need for a traffic study. 
  • We remain unconvinced that truck traffic will stay on 301. It is inconsistent with other major warehouses in the area and smaller one lane roads around the area such as Boyd's Corner and Jamison Corner road are not prepared for the traffic. 

Character of the Community 

  • Character of the community should be consistent. This is established by the development of the area over years. 
  • The character of the area is clearly residential, suburban in nature, and focused on family development. The comp plan set out by New Castle County in 2012 noted the area around the proposed site as suburban. Warehousing is a vast departure from the comp plan vision of the central core. 
  • There are no other large buildings in the area, the plan currently is extremely inconsistent with the surrounding area and lacks proper mitigation efforts to block noise and light. 

The Residents of the MOT Community 

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1,666 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!