Preserve our way of life for unincorporated Desoto County, Mississippi.

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We the undersigned oppose the City of Olive Branch Annexation Ordinance of Pleasant Hill, Lewisburg, Bridgetown, Cedar View, and Center Hill community areas.  This will result in an increase in taxes, crime, and an eventual decrease in property value.  These are the reasons that we and many others made the move to the country in the first place. Now our choice of country living is being threatened. City residents will also be affected by this annexation. City services will have thousands more to maintain while law enforcement and the fire department will be stretched thin to meet the needs of all 14,000 new city residents.

Olive Branch city leadership is making efforts to absorb adjacent, high property-valued areas under the guise of a growth strategy. Olive Branch likely needs additional funding to cover budgeted expenses that it doesn't have the funding to support.  An initially thriving city with incredible potential has began to degrade by investing in strip malls, mini-storage facilities, and other unfruitful development ventures instead of revenue-generating businesses that benefit both the city and its citizens.  Annexation would mean more control and funding for city leaders to spread the effects of mismanaged growth to the quaint communities that we call home. This would mean less attention and maintenance for current city residents.

If you live within one of the impacted areas or are a city resident and want to preserve the current quality of life that they provide, please sign this petition and spread the word!

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