We stand with LGBTIQ youth against discriminatory religious exemptions

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Imagine a young person being forced to suppress their true identity for fear of being kicked out of school and humiliated in front of their peers. 

These laws tell youth to hide their identity or be rejected by their community and isolated from their friends. That's the impact of the government's discriminatory religious exemptions.

Tell the government you won't stand for it.

Your voices are having an impact! PM Scott Morrison has now backtracked on expelling gay students, but has still not released the full recommendations for Religious Freedoms.  

UPDATE 2:  The Coalition has indicated it will craft its own legislation with Labor to protect LGBTIQ students from discrimination but does not support the move to protect teachers and staff. No one should be fired or denied employment based on who they are or who they love.

UPDATE 3: The Coalition has blocked the labor bill, forcing the issue into next year. These discriminatory exemptions will continue to exist, likely through til election. With now 50,000 signatures, we will continue to carry this issue into the forefront of 2019 - encourage your community to stand against this - no student shouldn't know where they're welcome to return to school because their identity. 

We want to ensure the conversation continues to include teachers and staff, as the government fails to include amendments that protect their rights.

Sign the petition and let's make sure schools are safe for everyone. 


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