To reverse the ban on boardies, thongs and singlets on Australia Day.

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Our Aussie PM has decided to ban boardshorts, singlets and thongs being worn by our newest Aussies on our greatest day, Australia Day.

As a former bouncer myself, where is the line between boardies and casual shorts? Where is the line between thongs for men and slip-ons for women? Why would a singlet be banned for men but a light shoulderless top be ok for women? What about our Islander and Asian friends whose slip-ons are a part of national dress?

Here in Geraldton, our ceremony is done down on the beach in between sets of music on our wonderful family foreshore in about 40 degree heat. If old mate new citizen wants to chuck on a pair of pluggers and celebrate all things Australian, then he should be able to do that.

Whilst I am officiating Australia Day citizenship ceremonies as the mayor of the City of Greater Geraldton, if you want to emblazon yourself in an Australian singlet or wear boardies cause you are joining in the fun, I will let you up on stage and gladly welcome you as a new Australian.

So ScoMo you Ocker, (albeit US cap wearing) affable, fair dinkum Aussie. See it in your heart to set those pluggers free on Australia Day. 

If you agree with me that the PM is going too far with this dress code, sign my petition and share it.