Tell Sco Mo Keep the Federal Arts Department Independent!

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Australia will no longer have a federal department with a major focus on the arts.

On Thursday 5th of Dec, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that he will be cutting and merging a number of departments starting in February 2020. Under his new plans the Department of Communications and the Arts will be merged with the Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development. This leads to a redesigned body that would create the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications.

It is unclear how the Arts will be involved in this new department and how arts funding and resources will be impacted. This uncertainty is worrying. The future of our diverse and thriving Art industry in Australia is under threat. The Arts contribute to $100 billion annually to the economy. We should be SUPPORTING and boosting this.

Artists in Australia may be Sculptures, Painters, Drawers, Performers, Photographers, Filmmakers and more and despite the difference in our mediums, we all share one thing in common. We are storytellers contributing to and shaping Australia’s diverse cultural identity in a way only art can do.

SIGN and SHARE this petition if you want:

  • A federal department with a MAJOR focus on the Arts.
  • A clear understanding of the Government’s future plans for the Arts in Australia.
  • More funding and less cuts
  • More resources

Whether you’re an artist or someone that appreciates the arts, our stories are powerful and we need to make sure the Government hears us and respects us. Sign and share this petition.