Sydney Protest Pepper Spray - Calling for the immediate investigation of Police

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On June 6th 2020, after a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney, NSW. Police began to corral and push back against protestors into Central Station. The police formed a line against them, which began to agitate protestors who still responded peacefully with protest chants,  the police responded aggressively to this by pepper spraying the crowd in the enclosed space. 

Among the people present in the crowd were Teenagers who were sprayed as well, who reportedly were thinking they were going to die. Pictures and footage has emerged condemning the actions taken by the NSW police as well as questions on whether this was an organised assault by police.


I am calling on the NSW Police Commissioner, the NSW Premier, and the Prime Minister of Australia to immediately investigate the actions taken by police with official suspensions dealt to those involved while investigations are being carried out.


This is a disgusting act of police brutality and will not be ignored or swept under the rug, nor blamed on the protestors, especially when Teenagers were present.