Student Nurses in Australia on placement to be paid during COVID-19

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During the COVID-19 outbreak, student nurses are currently on hospital placement or are about to begin. They are being advised by their university to continue with their placements.

Students on placement are not paid, some told they are unable to work during this period and some even taking on casual work on top of their full time shifts to pay their bills. Placements range from 3 weeks to 8 weeks, that's a maximum of 2 months with unpaid work at 40+ hours a week. Many have bills, student loans, rent to pay and general cost of living like any other! 

I ask that these student nurses are paid for their time during this pandemic! Their loyalty towards their chosen career is being tested to the limit in this scary time. We need to help students nurses, the future of our health system!!

This is a scary time for all health care workers being at the forefront of this pandemic. Proper PPE unavailable to nurses and medical staff, restricted testing criteria. Our student nurses are at risk like any other but are doing it for free!

They desperately need our help.