Bring Back Capital Punishment for Child Killers and Sex Offenders in Australia

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The reality of institutionalised child sex abuse was discussed by our current Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, in his apology to the countless Australian victims of child sex abuse on the 22nd of October, 2018. The story of Jason Daron Mizner, a violent child predator who recorded videos of his abuse of an infant which were so disturbing the judge delayed sentencing to recover from what she had seen, recently made headlines. Let's not forget Peter Scully, the man who received $500,000 in legal-aid in tax payer funds to spare him from death-row in Bali after he was arrested for some of the most horrific child sex crimes in modern history.
A strong message needs to be sent to the monsters in this country that murder and sex crimes against children will no longer be tolerated, and will be met with severe penalties. Swift trials and executions need to be the norm for dealing with these types of predatory individuals. Anyone connected with the production of child pornography should ideally also be given an automatic death sentence. Stop burning tax payer money keeping these scum buckets alive and protected in prison, and now as suggested by the QLD Labor government, closely monitored and counselled for the rest of their lives. It costs on average $292 per day to keep a prisoner in jail in Australia, or $106,580 per year. 
LGQBT activists often state the fact that "gay conversion therapy" has never been successful. How then, can anyone credibly argue that psychological therapy is a safe cure for paedophilia and its related urges?

Considering the fact no technology currently exists to safely "cure" paedophiles of their sexual predilections/ preferences/ orientations, or for people with generally violent tendencies, we must act decisively to protect society against them. Do away with the appeal system for proven child murderers and sex criminals since the appeal process can take decades to complete and cost more than sustaining the criminal in jail for the remainder of their lives. The millions of dollars the government would save from not sustaining and monitoring child killers and sex offenders in and outside of prison could then be used towards the benefit of society's most vulnerable: neglected and abused children themselves.

I am so tired of hearing more and more stories that make me lose faith in our justice system. It is high time our politicians did what needs to be done to manage this situation properly.