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5.78 Million dollars is set to be spent on 2019/2020 New Year's Eve celebrations in Sydney alone while:

  • 69% of New South Wales is currently in drought 
  • 970,000 hectares have been burnt – nearly as much as the last three fire seasons combined
  • “Catastrophic” warnings have been issued for Sydney for the first time ever
  • Three people have died and 100 have been injured, including 20 firefighters
  • 150 homes have been destroyed
  • More than 575 NSW schools are closed

Is this really how we want to be spending our taxpayer dollars? Filling the sky with fire and smoke, spending 5.78 Million dollars on 12 minutes of entertainment, while our house is literally on fire.

NSW Fires: "Due to the scale of the fires and the dangerous conditions, if you need help today you may not get it"

Rural Fire Service’s Deputy Commissioner: "Don’t expect that there is going to be a fire truck coming to your home if it is threatened, simply because we do not have enough trucks to be able to cover every single possibility."

Let Sydney set an example for the rest of the world. Let us be known as the city that cared enough for its land and its people, rather than the city with "the best Firework display in the world". These fires are not normal, something needs to be done and our government are not listening.

Be the change.

Sign this petition to have the Sydney firework budget of 5.78 Million dollars re-allocated to the New South Wales drought.