Provide Aid to Australia

Provide Aid to Australia

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Kate Ryan-Taylor started this petition to Scott Morrison (Federal Member for Cook) and

This petition is addressed to:
All members of Federal Parliament and our State Governments.
Now is the time to step up and show that you are one with the people who voted you in and who you have sworn to serve, protect and to help support in many other ways.

This is not the time for pointing fingers and blame. It is a time for action. 

Australia is in Crisis. 
The fires that are in Australia have destroyed many homes, many lives (both people and native wildlife) and to be quite honest do not look to be resolved anytime soon. 
Until such time as there are heavy rains, bush may keep burning or re-ignite at any time.

We need to put our Aid here both now and into the future.
This year Australia budgeted for $4 billion dollars in Aid to overseas countries.

We are asking:

  • that any current "Aid" commitments for the Financial Year be removed from overseas Aid in the budget and put towards the support and recovery of Australians impacted by this Wildfire season
  • that in future budgets there is an "Aid" budget for Australia which is re-directed to the development of the Australian Emergency Response services including training, improved equipment and a payment for their service (in the same way you pay "Army Cadets" a wage) and other issues here that need your support. 
  • Support for families who have lost a loved one in the fight against these fires. They are volunteers who lost their lives trying to save their fellow Australians.

Our firefighters are volunteers. The amount of help they have provided has gone above and beyond any level of help usually expected of a volunteer. 
Many are now at risk (if they haven't already) from not only losing their lives but losing their homes, their jobs, everything they have because not only have they been impacted by the fires, but through the loss of income. That amount of aid if redirected to our Volunteer and Emergency Services could pay 80000 full time employees.

Small towns have been destroyed and many rural properties & businesses have lost crops, livestock, general supplies and belongings that go "beyond the insurance" to levels where they are set back many years, possibly forcing the closure of many businesses as they cannot afford to "re-start". That aid could help re-build small businesses and small towns. 

Lives have been lost.
These people deserve the honour and support for having put their lives on the line for their country. Their families need support. 

This will not be over soon.
We will not forget what has and hasn't been done in this process.
We need our leaders to step up and lead the way to help support through this crisis and help re-build beyond it into the future. We need your aid. 
We need your support and we need you to get out there and do something.

Following this fire:

  • Everyone who works for us in Government should be trained to fight fires and deal with emergency response. 
    • Defence, Navy, Airforce - if trained have the resources to respond quickly. 
    • Political Leaders need to step up and be out there on the lines. If you can't "handle a hose" be out there in your scrubs, cooking, serving food. There should be no international travel for "Leaders" whilst the country is in crisis. 

Stop Talking and Show Boating. 
Start Acting and doing something and show what you are doing. 
Start caring for the Australian people and the country (and states) that you were elected to speak on behalf of. 

The time has come for us to tell our leaders that they need to Act.
We need our leaders to support our country, provide aid and start doing something and showing that they have value beyond the "title". This is not about political boundary lines, it is about coming together as a country to help each other get through this and re-build as a country. 
Sign this and share with others. We want at least 1 million signatures and to present this to our Federal, State and Local governments. Enough is enough.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!