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Today I have been visiting struggling farmers in NSW. I have met a couple of nice fellers that are 70-80 year old, struggling to feed their cattle. Both farmers planning on selling half their herd in an attempt to survive. What I discovered while they told me their story was that farmers are only getting 60-70c per kilo for their beef, but if they can get their cattle to have a bit more meat on their bones they could get........are you waiting for this.......UP TO $1.80 per Kilo.

Why are we paying $25 kg and more for our beef in the supermarkets and butchers? Farmers are doing it really tough, its costing more and more to feed cattle in an attempt to keep them alive, farmers are going more and more into debt and yet for all their hard work they are getting nothing.

PM Scott Morrison, Minister for Agriculture, Minister for water resources, drought, rural finance, natural disaster and Emergency Management, WHAT ARE YOU DOING !! This petition has been implemented in an attempt to to get some URGENT,  IMMEDIATE CHANGES, For the many men and women on the land. WE the PEOPLE are petitioning for ACTION, NO more band aid fixes. Australian farmers are being forced off the land, Chinese are buying up big, we will NOT have a productive AUSTRALIAN farming community if this level of government Ignorance continues. All of you please DO YOUR JOB NOW !! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!  

Your signature can help the multitude of struggling Farmers. Thank you