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As a Citizen/lawful Resident of Australia, I am signing this petition to lend support to the request by the sovereign people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia, represented by SOUTHERN CAMEROONS-AMBAZONIA AUSTRALIA ASSOCIATION before Members of the PARLIAMENT of AUSTRALIA, urging your Honours to:

  1. URGENTLY INTERVENE to reaffirm the YES vote cast by Australia in passing UN Resolution 1608 (XV) on April 21, 1961 towards the independence of Southern Cameroons by supporting their right to self-determination;
  2. URGENTLY INTERVENE in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia outside the framework of the United Nations Human Rights Council to stop all the ongoing gross human rights abuses and the mounting humanitarian disaster;
  3. URGENTLY INTERVENE by deploying through the UN or unilaterally, an Australian-led Peace keeping Mission as an intervention force charged with imposing a ceasefire and ending the ongoing GENOCIDE, ethnic cleansing and targeted elimination of activists that forces loyal to the 86 years old dictator Paul Biya are committing on our people. In less than 3 years now, over 1500,000 refugees and internally displaced Southern Cameroonians have been registered with several thousand shot dead or abducted and imprisoned incommunicado by the French Cameroun regime. The world needs to stop another RWANDA style GENOCIDE now.

Yesterday it was happening to Rwanda and the world kept silent in the face of injustice and Genocide, then we all said NEVER-AGAIN are we going to watch Genocide happening and we stay silent. Today in Southern Cameroons,it's happening in 2019, are we going to remain silent and then tomorrow we say NEVER-AGAIN again??? We have a chance now, by condemning and asking our Government  to intervene to stop this barbaric dictator Paul Biya and his army of occupation.