Pass the Koala Protection Act

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Imagine a future without koalas.

It’s 2045. You take your grandchildren to the zoo or the wildlife park, and instead of a koala there is a plaque, commemorating their extinction, which occurred around 2020. 

Unlikely? Apparently not.

It is 2019 and recent bushfires, drought and deforestation have led to koala populations becoming “functionally extinct”.

In a recent article by Forbes, chairman of the Australian Koala Foundation, Deborah Tabart, “estimates that over 1,000 koalas have been killed from the fires and that 80% of their habitat has been destroyed”.

To protect our koala populations we are urging the Federal Government to enact the Koala Protection Act. This Act was written in 2016, based on similar legislation in the US to protect Bald Eagle populations (Bald Eagle Protection Act).

With volunteers across Australia (including those from organisations such as Friends of the Koala) and everyday people rallying through crowd funding (Port Macquarie Koala Hospital), it is time the Federal Government show its support of this national icon, and enact the Koala Protection Act. 

An Australia without koalas? What would we tell the grandkids.