Make Renewable energy generation a high priority for the Australian government

Make Renewable energy generation a high priority for the Australian government

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Australia's government has played down climate change for too long. With the recent IPCC report indicating that a global rise in average temperature of just 1.5C would be irreversibly fatal, the time to act is NOW. We can not hold this off any longer and the effects of trying to do so will be catastrophic. 

Many arguments against renewable energy sources and climate change are not fact, but rather a rumour spread by insanely greedy oil and coal industries, fantasizing about the amount of cash to be generated from the obsolete and planet destroying materials that they sell. Here's the most popular 2 debunked 

Myth#1: Renewable energy is not reliable

This myth is probably the oldest of them all. The argument is particular to solar power in which the argument is "when it's cloudy there is no power" and I think Elon Musk says it best, " The best way to think about solar is this. Plants are essentially a solar powered chemical reaction, and the UK (being a very cloudy place) is very green" In fact, Musk is right. You still get around 87% of the sunlight on a cloudy day. Partner renewable energy with Battery storage and you have energy that is just as reliable, if not more reliable than, current coal power stations. Just recently, the Tesla battery located at Hornsdale power reserve was hailed by AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator) for it's outstanding "speed, accuracy and flexibility" when responding to the grid changes, in which it responded hundreds of times faster than backup generators did. The sun has been rising reliably every morning for millions of years. If the sun does not rise then we have bigger problems than power generation

Myth#2: Renewable power generation is more expensive than coal

This is the most astounding myth about renewable energy to come about. Astounding because it is so inaccurate but so many people believe it. Solar power and wind power generation are at a point now where it is not only cheaper to build the infrastructure, it's cheaper to generate the electricity. An example of this is in South Australia at the Hornsdale wind farm. Since the introduction of a 100MW Tesla battery, residents have seen electricity bills decrease, electricity reliability increase and the battery has left many naysayers left in the dust. In fact a Lazard levelised cost of energy analysis shows that Solar energy production($50 USD per Mega-Watt) and wind energy production ($45 USD per Mega-Watt) are more than two times cheaper than coal energy production($102USD per Mega-Watt) 

It is not only economical for Australia to be running on renewable energy (Australia could also power large portions of asia with the amount of uninhabitable land we have), fossil fuel energy production is suicide as the climate will eventually take it's toll on humans and future generations will either not exist at all or be extremely disadvantaged due to lack of food, water, cataclysmic natural disasters and an increase in deadly disease transmission. This can all change with your help. Let the Australian government know that we want renewable energy to play a major role in Australia's energy production, for the benefit of not only your electricity bill, but the entire human race.