Make a Stop to Habitat Destruction and Help Save The Koalas

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In 2012 the koala species were listed as vulnerable,and ever since then, koala habitat destruction has increased by an alarming 32% in NSW's area, and up to 7% in the Queensland's area. 

Up to 90% of it's impact its had on the species has not been reviewed by the federal government.  

The EPBC (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation) Act requires the federal government to access developments which would positively impact  the health of threatened species, as well as World Heritage areas. The Great Koala National Park proposal, which would be to also help protect more than 55,000 hectares of the state's Coffs Harbor region prime koala habitat, would also need the help/support of the government. 

Last year the Koala Habitat Protection Policy was agreed upon, but lately there's signs of trouble and doubt. In fact, just several days ago, the NSW government was close to collapse when the National Party Leader & Deputy Premier, John Barilaro, threatened to stop supporting government legislation over the state's Koala's Protection Policy. Luckily he did back out of it, but it was still a close call. 

We don't want Australia's native animal to be extinct by 2050, and certainly don't want all the habitats and forests to be completely cleared up, so with your help we can hopefully spread awareness and get not only the federal government, but NSW, Queensland and Victoria's Environment misters (Matthew Kean, Leeanne Enoch & Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio) to act upon and review the Koala's Protection Policy.