Allow ‘residents’ on 457/482 skilled visas to return home to Australia before its too late

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Help us get home!

As we know, the Coronavirus pandemic has spread incredibly quickly and we are now in a world crisis. We are calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison and The Minister of Home Affairs to make exceptions for 457/482 skilled visas to return home to Australia.

Currently, the Australian borders are closed except for citizens and permanent residents. There are many of us on 457/482 visas that are currently stuck in different countries around the world unable to return home to Australia. Just because we’re not ‘citizens’ or have ‘PR’ at the moment doesn’t mean that our whole lives aren’t in Australia! At the moment we are unable to return to our jobs, homes, family and pets.

Initially the term ‘resident’ was used by Scott Morrison in defining people exempt from the ban - which would include 457/482 visa holders. Many of us on the visa have lived in Australia for years and had just went oversees for various family engagements. Since the announcement of the borders closing we have done everything we could to return home. The airlines also boarded people according to the definition ‘resident’ prior to the travel ban. Conflicting information each day has now left us stranded with now flights being grounded and Scott Morrison using the term ‘permanent resident’ only.

Many of us affected now find ourselves in financial hardship having to pay for our homes in Australia and hotels/accommodation where were stuck at the moment whilst not able to work in our permanent jobs and bring in an income. We are skilled workers and are valuable to the Australian economy! 

Please, please sign this petition and share far and wide. We need urgent action and can not afford to stay in limbo anymore. Help give us a voice and get home to our lives in Australia!!