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Let this mother be with her newborn baby.

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I cried when I read in the paper this morning that a mother who has escaped persecution in Myanmar/Burma is being locked up for 18 hours a day while her one week old baby is in intensive care.  It’s one of the most shocking, heartbreaking and cruel things I have ever read - that we would keep a mother away from her baby at a time when he needs her more than any other.

I know what it's like to be separated from your child right after birth. I had an emergency Caesar. The first people to cuddle my little boy Albie would not be me or my partner Marc - but a doctor. I was so frightened he would be alone. Albie and I were in intensive care for 24 hours. All I had of him was a photo the Doctor took of him, which I sticky taped to the ceiling above me.

My partner and I had to beg for me to see Albie for the first time. It took 24 hours. Every bone in my body just wanted to be with him, to look after him, to be his mother.

It made me weep to read about this poor mother. It's scary. It's frightening. She has to beg against a system that is imprisoning and isolating herself and her sick newborn son. What if that was Albie and me?

She is kept away from her son at a time when he needs her most - to form his important and first human relationships. Knowing her son is kept away from his mum as he struggles to draw breath. That hurts.

How dare we break relationships in this way. Such important relationships. It’s devastating and inhumane.

Arbitrary rules set by the government seem to be keeping them apart. It's because she is a refugee. Scott Morrison can intervene and allow this mother and little one week old baby be together -- that's why I'm calling on him to do just that. Please join me.

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