COVID-19 compensation package for landlord

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When our country encounters such a disaster that has not happened in a century, I believe that everyone has a responsibility to contribute ,so that the whole nation can survive the crisis smoothly.

As a landlord, we are respect and willing to support the government’s new legislation on tenant protection during the COVID-19 crisis 。

We will give rent reduction within our ability and rent-free to those tenants whose income is affected in the COVID-19 crisis, and we will not evict tenants who cannot afford to pay rent during this period.

What we want is that when the epidemic is over, we will be treated fairly just like any ordinary Australian.

Much of the money that landlords use to invest, comes from hard work and delayed enjoyment.

Although the tenants lost their jobs, Landlord lives will not be easy. We must pay water, electricity, council rate, land taxes and bank loans.

We hope that the government can issue relevant laws and regulations. In this outbreak, when the tenants are unable to repay the landlord, the government can pay the rent arrears for them, or they can waive the corresponding amount of land tax and council rate to compensate the landlord.

Property investors contribute a lot of taxes and cheap rental houses for the country. When you blow their confidence, who is willing to invest?