JAIL TIME! Animal abuse should be taken seriously.

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Police are investigating a graphic video of a wombat being stoned to death by an off-duty police officer on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula.
The video, which was posted online, shows a shirtless man stalking a lone wombat at night time on a dirt road, with a car slowly following behind.
Armed with a large rock, the man gives the camera a thumbs up before targeting the helpless creature from behind.

An animal life has just as much significance as a human life and people should be punished as so. They have the right to live the best life they can they have the right to survive and do what there put here to do. Without being subjected to the atrocities that we see today. People think animal rights is a joke because the laws say its a joke the laws say that there lives are insignificant not worth taking the time to assure there protected and there rights are met. People are not held accountable for the inhumane unprovoked torture and deaths of so many innocent animals. THEY NEED YOUR HELP SCOTT MORRISON. Help set an example for other country's to follow and learn from. Be the first to make the change now.. this is something that cant wait. Make animal laws have mandatory  1 year minimum jail time when an animals life is taken unnecessarily for the pleasure of these sock individuals