"J'Accuse" Australian, UK and US Governments of the unlawful persecution of Julian Assange

"J'Accuse" Australian, UK and US Governments of the unlawful persecution of Julian Assange

6 September 2019
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Started by Mary Kerr

"J'accuse," I Accuse, Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, and Peter Greste,  amongst others, for the imminent death of an award winning Australian Publisher and Journalist, Julian Assange, at the hands of the British State.

I am horrified by the abuse and torture of Julian Assange, and the abrogation of his  Human and Civil Rights. Mr. Julian Assange "DOB 03/07/1971 prisoner number" has been in HM Belmarsh Prison, reportedly being locked up in his cell in the Hospital Ward for up to 23 hours per day.

1. Julian Assange is kept in "isolation" unable to communicate with others most of the time (which is a form of "Psychological Torture" according to UN Rapporteur on Torture Prof. Nils Melzer).
2. Julian Assange is only allowed two visits per month.
3. Julian Assange is not allowed to call his Lawyers in the United States.
4. Julian Assange is not allowed access to vital Legal documents and tools, such as a computer, to prepare his case against extradition to the USA.
5. Only recently, was Julian Assange allowed his first day outdoors to exercise.

Gabriel Shipton, Julian Assange's brother, wrote in a recent letter to Scott Morrison, that he fears for Julian's life!

Award-wining Journalist and Film-maker John Pilger, who also visited Mr. Assange a week ago, reported publicly, at a protest event in London on the 2nd of September 2019, that he is fearful for Julian's life.

The above treatment is clearly in violation of Mr. Assange's Human and Civil Rights, according to International Law! In addition, his imprisonment in a "High Security jail" for the minor infringement of "Skipping bail" is unjustified and outrageous.

As U.N. Rapporteur on Torture Prof. Nils Melzer stated on Twitter on the 29th of June 2019: 
"Any bail condition entailing (in-) direct refoulement contrary to Art 3 UNCAT breaches peremptory international law and, therefore, is null & void (ab initio), as is any related conviction. Hence, the inherent arbitrariness of Assange’s current imprisonment.

Julian Assange must not be allowed to be extradited to the United States. He is an Australian Citizen and must be defended by Australia.

Based on the details listed above:

I strongly condemn the abusive treatment being inflicted by the British Authorities and Belmarsh Prison Management on Mr. Julian Assange! I also condemn the lack of action by the Australian Government to fight to have this award winning, journalist and Australian citizen, returned to Australia and to his family. The ALP have also been complicit in the persecution of Julian Assange. Peter Greste, has publicly denounced Julian Assange, at a crucial time in his struggle for freedom.  The Australian corporate and government media have aligned in this conspiracy to besmirch the name of Julian Assange and have slandered him at every possible opportunity.

I stress that, unless drastic measures are taken immediately, to have him freed, Mr. Assange will die while in custody in HMP Belmarsh. In this event, the Australian government will go down in history as completely complicit in his death at the hands of the British State. If Mr Assange is allowed to be extradited to the US by the UK judiciary, the Australian government will be held completely complicit in this crime.

This outcome will unleash worldwide condemnation!

The lack of action by Australia's current government and previous Australian governments highlights their complicity of silence and refusal to act strenuously to bring this persecuted Australian back to his homeland and family. I accuse those who stand silent, while this man is being slowly tortured to death. He is a hero who has done nothing but tell the truth.

Stand up now and take action. Sign this petition, to "Accuse" those responsible for this most heinous crime of persecution of an innocent man. J'accuse.

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Signatures: 6,362Next goal: 7,500
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