It’s time to make Print and Packaging thrive in Australia!

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For too many years the decline of manufacturing in Australia has been met with cavalier indifference by our Governments. Disruption to our economy by CoVid19 has highlighted this problem.

Yet, offshore procurement of printed matter continues by all levels of Federal, State and Local Government and their authorities.

Now, is the time for Government to buy Print in Australia. Taxpayer dollars should not be spent in China, when Australian SME printers can provide the same product.

It is the time for Australian vitality, enterprise and innovation to be the driving force for the re-emergence of a revitalised domestic print industry

Australian print and packaging businesses are predominantly SMEs, they operate in every regional town as well as our capital cities and industrial centres. 

We petition Federal, State and Local Government to lead by example and say “NO MORE” to offshore print procurement.

The solution is simple:

1. Federal, State and Local Government need to lead by example by mandating the compulsory purchasing of their own print from Australian owned & operated print manufacturers

2. Federal Government needs to require the same WH&S standards, the same Environmental standards, the same employee benefits standards it mandates in Australia, from any foriegn bidder. Australian print can compete on a level playing field, but that is not how Australian Government procurement works.

Now, is the time to sustain Australian industry, save Australian jobs and secure Australia's future prosperity!

Now, is the time … to sign this Petition.

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