Hong Kong is under humanitarian crisis , Please defend against atrocities with us

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With various ironclad evidence lately, Hong Kong has proven to be a police state under martial law leading to a severe humanitarian crisis and the threat of a modern genocide is close. Therefore, may we send you with our heartiest requests for your kindness & mercy to assist us in the following ways:

1) To introduce and pass the Global Magnitsy Human Rights Accountability Act (Australia) within a short course to sanction government officials and police authority who severely suppress human rights in the city of Hong Kong. The Act will stand for the safeguarding and maintaining the universal value of of human rights, freedom and justice.

2) To offer Hong Kong citizens a safe haven by extending Hong Kong citizens' visa to enable their residency in Australia. Furthermore, please consider and provide special arrangement to assist and fast-track with the asylum seeking application filed by Hong Kong citizens' who are facing genuine risk of possible harm and personal safety concern should they return to Hong Kong.

3) To condemn the Hong Kong government for their violent suppression against the general public and to ensure the safety of all Australian citizens who are currently residing in Hong Kong.

Please join us in safeguarding the human rights, justice and democracy by signing this petition to express and extend your support and stand with the Hong Kong citizens. Thanks a lot!

By AussieHongkongers
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