Government Should Introduce COVID19 stimulus package for International Students.

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This is a urgent, difficulty and challenging time of COVID19 health pandemic.

There are more then 650,000 International Students currently enrolled in Australia. During this health pandemic they are also devastated, they are risking there life as every Australian do and going through hardship socially, economically & Financially.

International education contributed $37.6 billion to the Australian economy last financial year as per govt. records.

As per Hon. Education Minister Daniel Trehan “Australia is a world-leading study destination. It is our largest service-based export and supports 240,000 jobs, business opportunities and economic growth”.

As a Australian citizen we request government on behalf of international Students community to support them during this global pandemic. They are vital to our economy when things will be normal again.

We appeal to Our Hon. Authorities to introduce temporary Stimulus package for this community who is part and partial of our country and this will allow them to live, breath and survive at the time of global meltdown.

Lets take the ownership of humankind and Show our solidarity to these future generations.

Lets be an Australian !!!