Freeze rents & mortgages for the duration of Coronavirus

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We are now in unprecedented times, and the economic impact of Covid-19 on Australia and the rest of the world will be massive, but there are measures we can take to mitigate the fallout. We urge the Australian government to take action to protect the Australian people in the same manner that their Italian counterparts did on March 10th, they suspended mortgage repayments and utility bills to soften the economic blow to households and small businesses, residential and commercial.

Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte said 'Europe cannot think of confronting an extraordinary situation with ordinary measures'

The coronavirus is expanding rapidly and we will be likely facing numerous months of self isolation with a large number of the country facing unemployment and uncertainty.

Hundreds of small and medium businesses are unlikely to reopen with their current liabilities in place, the aftermath of which will be catastrophic and will impact all of society in Australia. We call on the government to bring in emergency legislation for banks to freeze mortgages and interest so landlords can freeze rents and families can stay in their homes while their livelihoods are under threat. By acting together, we can save many lives and livelihoods. By removing this financial stress our communities can focus on social distancing, staying healthy and helping each other. This is the only way to #flattenthecurve

1 - The government needs to liaise with banks to freeze repayments for the duration of coronavirus

2 - Landlords need to implement this for all tenants in Australia

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