Scott Morrison extend the banking Royal Commission to give victims justice

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Australian banks have been unregulated since the Howard Banking Plan of 2004. In that time Australia's banks have engaged in fraud, theft and dishonesty on a scale that defies belief.

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry was intended as a cover-up, a pressure valve to allow the public to let off steam while ensuring business as usual for the banks.

The outcome was quite different. The stories of criminal and immoral conduct by the banks have surprised everyone except the victims themselves. Across Australia we have had victims coming forward with very clear evidence that small businesses, rural producers and Australians have had businesses ruined, assets stolen and lives destroyed by criminal bankers. Banks' actions were not inadvertent, they were knowingly and willingly acting in an illegal manner.

The Royal Commission was charted with investigating redress for criminal behaviour by the banks and they have not had time to do that and that was by design. Only 6 banking victims were allowed to testify. There are hundreds of bank employees who should be brought before a Court of Law, there are thousands of victims who should have their stolen money and property returned or compensated.

We call on Prime Minister Morrison to extend the term of the Banking Royal Commission to complete the charter it has already been given - which is to allow the victims to be heard, the criminals investigated and redress ordered for the victims of banking criminal behaviour.