Electric Car Subsidies for Australia, NOW!

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After the devastating bush fires that have ripped through our beautiful country, burning, 12,350,000 Hectares (football fields) taking 34 lives and killing over 1,000,000,000 animals, climate change, without a doubt, is the main factor, yet the Australian government is once again sitting on its hands.

The smoke is gone, the grass is green again, but every school run in Australia is choking kids with diesel and petrol fumes daily! CO2 aside, this is crazy when there are incredible zero-emission vehicles that could be priced accordingly for all Australian families to adopt and give kids a breath of fresh air on the school run!

Studies have shown that levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), an extremely toxic gas commonly produced by diesel cars, can be 85% higher in the mornings during term-time than when schools are out. Look up the effects of NOx (it's shameful how these cars are even allowed to be licensed).

Australia is now the only country in the western world that does not subsidize Electric Car purchasing. For example, in Canada, you can buy a Model 3 Tesla for $35,800, where the same car in Australia will cost you  $72,000. It is time for Scott Morrison to honor his words of "...meeting and beating emissions targets." and put our taxpayers' money where his mouth is!

Currently, most Electric Cars in Australia are subject to luxury car tax, which is just plain bonkers! Following Norway's lead to changing its entire car culture, subsidies should consist of an individual's first EV purchase, Free Tolls for EV owners, municipal Free Charge Stations, and two years Free Road Tax. All sounds expensive, but at the same time, like Norway, we can use our resources while they are still in demand to offset the cost of moving Australia towards becoming a world leader in zero-emissions transportation.

Where can this money come from, you ask? Quite simply, tax mining companies and set a lifetime resource tax against Gina Rhinehart, Andrew Forrest, Clive Palmer, and all the other Billionaire mining magnets, placing the money into a Green Transformation Fund. 

For example, a 10% wealth tax on mining magnates and related corporations of their $250 billion yearly profit would pay for 1,000,000 $25,000 subsidies in a year, which is incidentally just shy of the number of cars sold in Australia in 2019.

Equally or also, remove the coal mining subsidies, currently at $10 billion per year, and switch them to Electric Vehicle subsides, free toll, free road tax, etc.

Norway has done this with its Oil Fund. After all, they are Australia's resources, and we should use them for the greater good and our children's future.

Make it happen, people, get Australia on the road to becoming the zero-emissions capital of the world, and sign this petition today!