Die with dignity! Legalise Euthanasia for all of Australia!

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Death is always a difficult subject that nobody likes to think about but sadly it is inevitable for us all. If you've ever lost a loved one from a terminal illness such as Cancer or someone you know is currently suffering from this cruel and debilitating disease, then you'll understand why Euthanasia laws must change in Australia! The state of Victoria has recently passed the law for assisted dying, which comes into effect mid 2019. Euthenasia should be a choice for all Australians with terminal illnesses! A person doesn't deserve to suffer a long, drawn out and painful death. Their families don't deserve to stand by helplessly waiting for their loved one to finally have peace and their suffering come to an end. If death is inevitable due to a terminal illness, then people should be allowed to go gently, peacefully and with dignity. In this country, we treat animals with more compassion to prevent suffering than we do with the terminally ill people! There is nothing more painful and heartbreaking than watching a loved one suffer till their body finally gives up... Please help me and many other Australians who share these beliefs, to allow all states and territories in Australia to finally legalise Euthanasia. Let our voices be heard by signing and sharing this petition! Hopefully, our government will pay attention and we can help make a change for the better.Thank you!