Daniel Andrews must go. Victorian State Elections must be brought forward.

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The Australian Labor Party has failed Victoria. Daniel Andrews has failed Victoria. The mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic is a blight on Victoria. No other state is yet to see a second-wave but through Daniel Andrews' pathetic performance, Victoria is seeing a growing second wave of infection that has trumped the first wave in its growth and its aggression. Victoria is back where it started. 6 months of long, tiresome, exhaustive progress has been for nothing. Now they asking for more.

More that doesn't even add up. We have seen the numbers get altered and changed, we have seen the manipulation and the atrocious PR stunt the ALP and its leader Daniel Andrews have created. I'm sorry but i don't want to stand with Dan. Not for another minute let alone another 2 years.  

The only reason we form governments is that through community collaboration and leadership we are stronger and safer together than when we are apart. Daniel Andrews and the Australian Labor Party has failed the most basic test of leadership: Keeping the community safe. 

Victorians are angry. Victorians are frustrated. We need proper leadership, someone we can look to in these strange times for guidance, leadership, and hope. That person is not Daniel Andrews, he has proven that he and the Australian Labor Party are no longer what Victorians need. 

Someone must be held accountable for this failure of leadership. Democracy relies on having accountability in our government.

Daniel Andrews has failed.

Daniel Andrews must be held accountable, Daniel Andrews must be removed from power, ultimately the ALP must be voted out of Victoria asap. 

We don't deserve two more years of this dictatorship, this ego tripping man needs to go. Let's push forward the election and get this done.