Citizen Initiated Immigration Reform

Citizen Initiated Immigration Reform

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We the people of Australia of European descent, call for radical change to the Australia immigration system. We do this as a result of systematic abuse of power from an oligarchical elite who control both our daily consumable media and business capital. As a result of this abuse, Australia has seen our; safe, ethnically homogeneous, productive society be destroyed by both third world non-white migration and gentrification of property and natural resources by china within the space of 50 years. 

Multi-ethnicism is a fundamentally flawed ideology and only serves to benefit a plutocracy or ethnocentric foreign actors, this has been known for in excess of 2000 years. I quote "For Aristotle, democracy is possible only within homogeneous ethnic groups, while despots have always reigned over highly fragmented societies. 
A multi-ethnic society is thus necessarily anti-democratic and chaotic, for it lacks philia, this profound, flesh-and-blood fraternity of citizens. Tyrants and despots divide and rule, they want the City divided by ethnic rivalries. The indispensable condition for ensuring a people's sovereignty accordingly resides in its unity.".

What Aristotle was getting at was a primitive concept of ethnocentrism, The concept that due to group evolutionary selective pressures, it was beneficial to evolve genes that have an in-group positive bias and out-group negative bias, based on whether a individual appeared to be the same ethnicity as you. This phenomena caused a kind of beneficial evolutionary cooperation within society to promote the survival rates of genes from that ethnicity. What the liberal Anti-white calls; racism, xenophobia, innate racism, bias and prejudice, is actually tens of thousands of years of beneficial evolutionary societal psychology and by no means is limited to whites or even the human animal. this behaviour is not only genetically immutable as a whole for society but positive for that society and active measures taken to provoke that instinct has been proven negative for social cohesion, trust and virtually every single civic metric by studies from;


Scandinavian Political Science Association:

European Sociological Review:


Right now there is no more than 2-3 white majority countries in which white birthrates are above replacement rate. Australia is not one of those... This is mostly due to population stabilisation and by its own would be a good thing. however, the current system in its corrupted, centralised capitalist form is acting as a dysgenic force by attempting limitless growth like a metastasised cancerous growth, sees no problem with replacing and outsourcing its support population. make no mistakes this IS a replacement. as outlined by official united nations proposals.

One problem is that this centralised, cancerous system of immigration is built off simple demographic-ism and has not yet accounted for the negative; productivity cost, cultural cost, societal cost that replacement migration WILL and IS producing. this forced artificial ethnic diversity is setting Australian and western civilisation up for a "market collapse".

This crash, like the 2008 housing crash was cause by the hindrance of market mechanics by centralised governmental forces interested in their own greed and self interest. What our current mixed society has caused is the foundations for a "flour explosion" of societies individual constituents. Though like any market crash, the market will correct itself, we mustn't forget that there is a real world pain attributed to a societal collapse, a pain  which CAN be avoided if step are taken to reverse current trends. 

We propose the implementation of a new immigration system and democratic process written into our constitution. A way of returning these Propertarian concepts like ethnic homogeneity and social safety back to a more decentralised and democratic control process . We propose that immigration applications are submitted to a distributed ledger technology based e-voting system with an interface similar to the dating app tinder, whereby all Australian citizens can vote on the outcome of immigration applicants. ALL applications MUST include a DNA break down  of ethnicity, a profile picture from a predetermined distance free of lens distortion or editing taken at a government institution, criminal and educational history, profession ect.

All voters must upload proof of citizenship and be reviewed prior to participation in the voting process, applicants immigrants will be accepted once a consensus of a predetermined number of approvals based on 10 % of voting population so 1 million approvals. the metrics collected from such an approval process will be useful to the government by looking at who approves what type of person where etc, giving a finger on the pulse of needs in society and can improve resource allocation. 

necessarily, all future legislation pertaining to intangible propertarian values and concepts will also need to be veto'd by the people. To increase  participation in the new democratic process, incentives like tax breaks, UBI or other monetary benefits can be added to the program.

This is far from the Authoritarianism and tyranny accusations the modern anti-white liberal throws at Ethnonationalists regularly. the successful implementation of this voting process results in a more democratic and dynamic society that listens to the peoples needs and instincts. Such a simple interface will result in peoples ethnocentrism manifesting as a population  as well as having the nuance to judge borderline cases, this will likely reverse the demographic trend completely if paired with repatriation of the majority of Chinese, middle eastern and Asian migrants, with amnesty given to the family of mixed ethnicity children who can be reintegrated genetically within a generation or two.

and now i appeal to you; the non white immigrant, the both non white and whites in foreign lands, supporting this cause is beneficial to us all, western civilisation has been the most successful civilisation in all of history with inventions such as; the internet, electricity, the industrial revolution, modern medicine, drastically improving quality of life world over, do not listen to short sighted cultural revisionists. the fruits of a civilisations is absolutely the result of societal ethnic distributions of average; political views, different aspects of intelligence, temperaments, and many more characteristics, all of which i could provide dozens of peer reviewed papers showing their genetic origins. The unique challenges modern life is faced with; food shortages, water shortages, computational stagnation, disease resistant pathogens and climate catastrophe will be best solved by western civilisation and by extension ethnically homogeneous white cultures in partnership other ethnically homogeneous cultures and civilisations. The attack on ANY of this earth's racial existence makes the whole planet worse off...

Please sign this petition and together lets FORCE the Australian government to take these changes and hopefully set the precedent for other countries faced with similar problems to do so as well...

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!