Bushfire Relief Fund - Voluntary Tax

Bushfire Relief Fund - Voluntary Tax

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Why this petition matters

Started by Aleksandar Tomic

Dozens Dead. Burned Alive.

Thousands of Homes Lost. Burned to Ashes.

Millions of Animals burned alive, dying of heat, water shortages and smoke inhalation.

Bushfires are literally burning this country to the ground.

And it seems as though our government is doing nothing about it. With all of the resources we have, we are more focused on economic activity and being politically correct, then we are about staying alive.

We, the people, are stepping in to assist with these disastrous fires across the country.

This petition is to commit to a voluntary Bushfire Relief levy of 0.0005% of our pre-tax income.

A taxable contribution to be paid by the people of Australia at the end of the coming financial year.

For the average, full-time working Sydney-Sider who earns $80,000 gross per annum, that's $40.

Estimates show there are approximately 8.25 million full-time employed Australians.

At an average of $40 each, that's roughly $330 million dollars the Australian workforce will contribute toward saving humans lives, animals, flora and fauna, land, and much more.

Economically speaking, $330 million investment could potentially add approx $1.32 Billion to the GDP, assuming a Multiplier effect of 4x.

These funds are to be directed straight to the Australian Firefighters to provide them with the resources they need to conquer these fires, and also to provide resources to those that need them the most! Food, water, shelter, clothing, etc.

The problem is that we can't wait until the end of the tax year to make this work. 

We need the government to ACT NOW. Get your finance guys, Crunch your numbers, work out exactly how much 0.0005% is - advance that money to the right people so they can immediately purchase the resources they need, and then you can recoup that from us at the end of the year through our income taxes!

Do what's right. Irrespective of what your budget cuts have been to date, what the economic or political focus is, this won't cost you a penny but it will certainly bring you some much-needed support from the public.

We, the Australian people, will pay for everything with the Voluntary Bushfire Tax Relief.

But we need your help.


997 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!