Banning pro-Kremlin propaganda in Australia

Banning pro-Kremlin propaganda in Australia

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Why this petition matters

Started by Olena Rizk

Dear Mr. Morrison and Mr Fletcher,
       My name is Olena Rizk. I am a proud Australian who was born in Ukraine and immigrated to Australia 7 years ago. I am one of approximately 40, 000 voters of Ukrainian descent and an active member of the Sydney Ukrainian community. 
       For the past twelve days, the whole world has been watching the horrific acts of genocide of peaceful Ukrainian people and children by the Russian troops. My elderly parents have gone through a horrific ordeal hiding in basements from Russian bombings and have now been evacuated to Europe. Civilians in Ukraine are being bombarded from the air by Russian fighter jets and Russian missiles launched from the territory of Russian Federation. Among their targets are: residential areas with tall apartment blocks, hospitals, maternity homes, schools, churches administration buildings and other vital infrastructure. This is all happening while the Russian population of the country-aggressor and many Australians of Russian decent watch and read the dangerously corrupt Russian media. My (ex)-Russian friends and (ex)-relatives truly believe that Russia is fighting against the "Ukrainian nazi" who are "threatening their country", and that the Russian soldiers are "liberating Ukrainian brothers and sisters". You can see what propagandistic media have done to people's way of thinking by watching the video of the poll of common Russian citizens on their opinion of the war in Ukraine: What they are saying is beyong appaling.

          I’m grateful and proud for all the support that the Australian government has provided to Ukraine in its crisis so far. However, the root of this war is in the massive and powerful manipulation of the minds of millions of people by the Russian TV channels, social media and radio stations. Media is a powerful tool that Kremlin has been using for many years. It has proven very effective in brainwashing the majority of the Russian population. It is as dangerous as the philosophy of certain extremist organisations (i.e. ISIS) which are prohibited in the media space of Australia and all the other democratic world. Therefore, I am turning to the Australian government with a plea to consider the following:

1. Banning the broadcasting of Russian cable channels throughout Australia. Here is the list:

- TV channels: 1) Россия 1 (Russia 1) 2) НТВ (NTV), 3) RT 4) Первый канал (Channel One) 5) TNT 6) РБК (RBK) 7) РТР Планета (RTR Planet) 8) Life News 9) Мир 24 (Mir 24)

- Propagandistic social media: (Odnoklassniki – classmates)

- YouTube channels: 1) Prekrasnaya Rossia Bu-bu-bu 2) Channel RT

...and any contractors who broadcast the deceiptful and corrupt pro-Kremlin propaganda.

2. Imposing heavy fines on any Australian citizens and organisations (religious, political or businesses) for any support and justification, including posts in social media, of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

3. Canceling Australian visas, citizenship and other privileges to those actively spreading Russian propaganda and openly supporting genocide of the Ukrainian people and crimes against humanity that Russia commits in the war against Ukraine.

4. Introducing prison sentences for spreading the criminal pro-Kremlin propaganda.

Mr. Morrison, Mr Fletcher, I am trying to make Australians aware of the real danger that corrupt media can cause. It doesn’t take to be a psychiatrist to understand that Mr Putin and his gang are not sane people. And they are trying to convince millions in their rightness through manipulations of their minds by means of mass media.  

Olena Rizk
27 February 2022 (Edited on 8 March 2022)


1,044 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!