Ban the export of baby formula to china.

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The Chinese are buying all the baby formula and leaving Australian babies to starve. Mothers are struggling and they are not paying taxes on it.

Some of these so called personal shoppers are making over $100,000 a year which they are paying no tax on, above which they are also claiming Centrelink benefits. This in no way is helping the Australian economy, in fact it's hurting it and as a result all Australians must suffer. If you, like me, work you ass of for a living and pay tax, share this petition and lets stop this atrocity NOW.

Ban the export of baby formula to China and place Australians first.

I work in a centre where there is a very high Chinese demographic. I constantly have to deal with riotious behavior and physical abuse over baby formula. The Chinese tell me straight to my face that they don't care about Australian babies. One male even went as far as saying to my face that China now owns us and I am just their slave. It is that bad that shoppers cannot even enter the centre without being trampled by Chinese fighting over formula. I have tried to interviene many times only to be called an Aussie prick and told I am not welcome in my own country. One lady even spat in my face. How is this happening in my own country. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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