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Ban credit card surcharges – this ridiculous gouging of customers has to end

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Credit card surcharges are gouging customers hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

They're being added to flights (Jetstar $8.50 per flight), paying bills (Telstra 2%+ GST), cab fares (10% of fare). They're out of control – and it's time they're banned. 

There have been too many excuses on this, for too many years. But right now we have a chance to show Joe Hockey that we want to end this rip off. 

On Sunday 7th December, any excuse for a government not to ban them evaporated when the David Murray Report went public, with over 5000 submissions requesting that these fees be banned! It is extraordinary that despite 80% of all submissions being received demanded that credit card surcharges be banned, that the final report lacks any clear recommendation on banning these, but rather proposes some weak caps be considered. Caps can be increased over time so I see this as entirely useless. Its clear these people don’t live in the real world we all live in! So come on Scott Morrison, show some leadership - hear the voices of the people, and ban these obscene credit card surcharges! WOTIF.COM was able to remove them recently from their services so why not demand others do the same?

This significant number of submissions received to the David Murrary Report is as a direct result of a Petition I started against Jetstar's outragious Credit Card Surcharges that has secured over 108,000 signatures. So you see, your support is already working and we are very close to getting the outcome we all deserve. NO MORE CREDIT CARD SURCHARGES

If we can show him that consumers are sick of these sneaky, deceitful fees being added to everything we purchase, we can make sure he follows through to end credit card surcharges. Capping them is not the answer as caps can be increased over time.

Australia is one of the only countries left that allows this absurd gouging to continue. Most countries have banned them already.

Let's tell him excuses and political handballing to weak, toothless regulators isn't good enough. We want these rip-off fees outlawed. 

Sign my petition to help me get rid of credit card surcharges. I'm going to personally deliver it to Canberra, and make sure the voices of consumers aren't ignored any longer.

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