We call for a public apology from the treasurer Josh Frydenberg

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On 26th and 27th February 2020, during Prime Minister's Question Time Treasurer Josh Frydenberg sought to ridicule Labor's proposal for a "well being budget". The intended well being budget lists what the government is doing to tackle well-being issues impacting the population - e.g mental health, domestic violence, homelessness, suicide prevention and so on. 

Frydenberg launched into a hideous performance where he showed utter contempt for large sections of the community by denigrating citizens of the Hindu faith and yoga practitioners. In doing so he also mocked the idea of looking after the most vulnerable people in our society. His speech included deriding Ashrams, yoga poses, and stereotyping imagery of "flowing robes, burning incense and meditation mats." LNP ministers around him laughed on hysterically as the MP for Kooyong behaved like a racist comedian from the 1970s. The Speaker allowed this travesty to go on. 

Josh Frydenberg is quick to condemn any criticism of Israel and/or Judaism with cries of anti-semitism, however his concern for tolerance and equality does not seem to stretch to other religions or life choices. In the same week Mr Frydenberg echoed ASIO's concerns over the rise of the far right in Australia, he stood up in our nation's parliament and stoked the flames of bigotry and division not just once, but two days running.

I call on Josh Frydenberg, Treasurer of Australia to publicly apologise, or to do the right thing and resign his high ranking ministry position in our government.