Advocating for RESPECT & EQUAL CONSIDERATION for all ANIMALS regardless of SPECIES

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More than 10,000 camels to be shot from helicopters because they drink too much water and destroy water resources.

However why is this happening? It is not poor animals fault. We should be guilty right now. We have to speak up for animals as they are individuals with feelings and families. According to the universal law they deserve our respect. As we are in a fast moving world we don't try to understand the natures way. But of course they do speak but we dont try to understand. Some people call them selves conservationists but only care for endangered animals.But why?
Please join with me today to raise our voice against what;s happening against the universal law! We all have equal rights.. We are no greater than animals.. Please sign this petition with me to make a voice for those who cant speak with humans on their behalf! Thank you so much.

Megha Wijewardane

NASA Junior Ambassador - Mission OSIRIS REx