Republish Jennifer Block's article "Doctors Are Not Gods" on Scientific Journal

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Recently, Scientific American took down Jennifer Block's “Doctors Are Not Gods", which articulated, among other things, the problem of dismissing women's health knowledge/experience when and if said knowledge/experience doesn’t sync with existing scientific studies or medical school textbooks. The article focused on social media personality and OB/GYN Dr. Jen Gunter, whose authoritarian voice and tendency to dismiss modalities outside of conventional medicine have made her a popular and entertaining commentator. 

After Gunter’s Twitter campaign to discredit Block, the piece was taken down by Scientific American. Editor Michael Lemonick said that he and his fellow editors “failed in our responsibility… to do a thorough fact check,” which he concluded made the essay read like a “hit piece” on Gunter.

The piece was an op-ed, however,  which by definition means that it expresses an opinion not necessarily shared by the publication's editorial board. Dr. Gunter using her social-media-endowed power to pressure a prestigious publication like SciAm to remove an op-ed raises urgent questions about freedom of speech and critical-thinking. 

Although we happen to tend to agree with Block’s perspective on the vital importance of a truly feminist model of health care -- in which women’s lived experience and shared wisdom trumps “authority” and obedience, common sense trumps technology, and women have ultimate say in how we manage and exist within our own bodies -- this is not about who’s right or wrong. It’s not about the value of naturopathy or food as medicine (all of which Gunter tends to contemptuously dismiss). It's about engaging in dialogue, digging deeper, and integrating the best modalities to bridge the gap between allopathic and holistic modalities. 

Silencing Block’s thoughtful and thought-provoking criticism was a shocking misuse of Gunter’s considerable platform, and we are disappointed that SciAm so readily caved to that pressure. No matter your opinion about what kind of health-care modalities best serve us, we can all agree that censorship is never in the best interest of anyone’s health or well-being.


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