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School Trustees of Greater Victoria: Stop discrimination against teachers taking pregnancy/parental leaves

School District 61 (Greater Victoria) has recently announced they will not offer certain contracts to teachers who will be taking a pregnancy or parental leave. This is discriminatory, and violates teachers' human rights. A public school district should support women's and parent's rights, not discriminate against them in employment. The school district should stop trying to save money on the backs of mothers and parents and ensure that all teachers have equal access to all work and benefits.

Letter to
Chair, Board of Education, School District 61 Peg Orcherton
Vice Chair, Board of Education, School District 61 Tom Ferris
Board of Education, School District 61 Catherine Alpha
I am concerned that a public school board would choose to actively discriminate against pregnant women and parents by refusing them access to some employment contracts simply to save money by not paying benefits. All teachers, regardless of sex or family status, should have equal access to work and benefits. Your decision to deny work and benefits to only certain teachers is unfair. Your decision means a single male teacher will get work when a pregnant female teacher will not. You should reverse this decision and ensure your employment practices are consistent with the BC Human Rights Code and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and do not discriminate against women and parents. This is important as an employer and also as a role model to future citizens in our schools.

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